all things Winter - Xmas collection

The holidays are around the corner! Check out this Christmas Graphics Collection! It's hand-drawn, fun and playful! Use graphics for wrapping paper, cards, calendars, etc. Change colors, combine elements or use pre-made card templates for those last minute holiday party gifts for that handmade feel. 

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I’m Illona, the photographer, editor, designer, illustrator & creator here at Leeloo Land.

A little about me

I have a background in Graphic Design & Web Development. I spend most of my time styling and photographing mockups, editing photos on my computer, as well as drawing & illustrating on my iPad Pro. All lot of time also goes into the business side of things. I love organization but routine is not my cup of tea! I design whatever inspires me and love having the creative freedom to do so.

I live with my boyfriend Seth (he’s an Artist, check out his paintings) and our two dogs, Diesel and Leeloo. I am very much a dog person! I enjoy the simple things in life, but also technology…I would go crazy without my computer and the internet!

Fun Facts

  • I live off of coffee and iced tea

  • I was born in Azerbaijan (It’s by the Caspian Sea)

  • Did I mention I’m obsessed with dogs!?

  • LOVE seasons (even though I was raised in San Diego)


Owner, Designer

Illona Broyde



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Suggestions / Requests

I’m not taking commissions at the moment, but I welcome suggestions and prioritize based on demand, so go ahead and message me with ideas or requests for future products and I will get back to you with updates.